Best Home Business? – My Top 10

Would you agree with me that the best home business is that which gives you the highest income based on your abilities and interests? This will obviously differ from person to person but there are some considerations that I suggest that you should take into account.

I have compiled this list of some of the more popular options for top earn additional income from home. I have assumed that you either want to work exclusively at home or in your neighbourhood.

Anything Pet Related

You don’t need me to tell you that a large section of our society is pet crazy. There is a demand for grooming, training, walking, pet sitting while the owner is away and a whole variety of other services. You could offer pet based products at very good prices to your local area.


I must confess that I’m not a huge fan of the concept of franchises. Of course people have made very good livings piggy backing established brands. The problem is that when you check out the terms and fees of the deal you are, to a great extent, working for the outfit that offered the franchise in the first place.


Another niche with endless demand. From preparing food for private dinner parties to large events there is a great living to be made. If cooking is your thing you might also consider giving cookery lessons. The only downside is that if you are cooking at home you will be subject to stringent health and hygiene regulations.

Physical Products

You could supply a highly targeted range of products in one of thousands of markets. These could be sold at flea markets, from your home, at offline auctions, at the customers home, on eBay or from your own website.

Home Decor

Whether indoors or out the home renovation market is never ending. You could do the work yourself or put together a team to do it for you. A good reputation in this area will quickly result in a very nice business.

Beauty & Self Improvement

This is a truly huge market. It would be impossible to list all the options but here are a few. Beauty products, makeover service, hairdressing service, nail care, lingerie, jewellery and tanning.


After pets many people are positively obsessed with their cars. Car washing, valet service, repairs and insurance are just some of the areas that you might consider.


Cutting, planting, trimming, tidying, pruning, power cleaning, garden design as well as pool maintenance are just some of the things to consider in this market that will never fade.


This market is similar to the beauty niche, everyone wants to look better. Weight loss, toning or gentle exercises, there are hundreds of people in your area that would be willing to pay for a service that made them healthier and more attractive. You could work with individuals or organise classes.


My favourite I regard e-commerce as the best home business of all!

Armed with a laptop and an internet connection I can carry on my home based business even when on holiday. The initial outlay can be modest and a substantial income is possible. The only downside is that you will spend a great deal of time in a sedentary position staring at a computer screen, something that your nearest and dearest may not approve of!

Obviously, where required, you should obtain the correct training for some of the above as well as comply with all laws and regulations that apply in your area. Appropriate insurance may also be needed.

I hope that my list has given you food for thought.


Lawrence Stainbank

Source by Lawrence Stainbank

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