Fun and Profitable Easy Home Businesses to Start the New Year

If you need some ideas for fun and profitable easy home businesses to start the New Year, grab a coffee and pull up a chair. Because today, we will look at 5 great home based businesses that might just fit the bill for you. 

You can set up and run any one of these home businesses on its own, or add it to an existing business you already own.. 

These businesses are just right for work at home parents, new grads, retirees, and for those who are in between jobs. 

Let us take a look at these home businesses now. 

Wealth Coach – Everyone needs a wealth coach and you can fill that need. A wealth coach helps his or her clients rein in expenses, make money, and save money. One of the main jobs is to work out a debt reduction plan. For clients with college-age children, have them check out college loans. Not only can you make money in this business but you can help your clients reach their goals in life.

Baby Daycare – All baby lovers, this may be your dream job come true. Both parents work outside the home in many families today. These parents want nothing more than to find solid, reliable daycare for their babies. Providing loving care for 8 to 10 babies, 5 days a week, can bring in a substantial yearly income.   

Charter Yacht Broker – This fun businesses is growing more popular by the day. In this business, you market vacation cruises to clients who want to rent their own yacht. The yacht comes complete with captain, crew, chef, and food for gourmet meals. You receive a good commission from the yacht management company for each booking. You can work with clients around the world by Internet and telephone.  

Family Tree Professional –  People are dying to know if they are related to royalty, the pope, or some fabulous celebrity. As a family tree professional, you can research almost any family on the Internet. The usual charge for this research varies from about $35 to $50 per hour. When you have enough clients, you can outsource a lot of the research. The quickest way to get set up in this business is to join your local genealogical society.

Book Publishing Consultant – Many authors are publishing their own books these days. Often, they are electronic books on the Internet. As a book publishing consultant, you should have some publishing experience as well as a network of professionals to do cover art, interior book design, and printers. Charge clients by the month with a 3-month minimum.

These home businesses are in demand right now and will continue to be hot businesses well into the future. A few of them, such as baby daycare, wealth coach, and family tree professional deal in areas where most people need assistance. Charter yacht broker is a strong area because people love to travel and vacation on board ship. Finally, the services of a book publishing consultant will be always be sought after as so many people dream of publishing their own book. Perhaps these fun and profitable easy home businesses to start the New Year will inspire you to think of related businesses that are perfect for you.

Source by Siriol Jameson

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