Home Business For Under 100 Dollars

There are many online businesses you can start for under $100 BUT what if you need to make money right away? Those type of businesses will not put money in your bank account today so we need to find another way to produce enough income to keep you going until those payoff.

Do those online business ideas in your spare time as there is a huge learning curve.

So what do you do?


Make Money on Craigslist

Craigslist has a FREE section so take a look through there and there will be plenty of items that you can take off of someone’s hands and resell.

I have seen computer monitor’s, televisions, computers, couches, loveseats and much more. If they need cleaning or fixing up do that. You got the item for FREE so even if you get $100 for it you have $100 more to invest in another business OR turn over 10-20 items a week and make a decent living.

Then you can purchase items from Craigslist for cheap and sell them for profit.


Direct Sales Companies

Be sure to get involved with reputable companies with good name branding.

Avon, Herbalife, Tupperware, Watkins, Norwex and Regal are a few of my favourites.

You can make a decent living at these if you are doing all the right things. All of these can be started for under $100.


Start A Window Cleaning Business

Here is what you need!

A Double Sided Squeegee – sponge & blade combo – $6.99 at Hardware Store

A Bucket – a 13 quart plastic bucket at K Mart is $5.99

A Scraper and Blade – these are anywhere from a dollar up

A Concentrated Cleaner

Here is what you do?

Go to where there are a lot of store windows, usually a downtown business district. Look from the outside and if the windows are dirty just walk in and introduce yourself.

Explain to them that you are offering inexpensive window washing services and offer to clean their windows at a very low price. Some people have made a few hundred dollars a day charging a dollar a window. That sounds really cheap but will sound cheap to the store owner as well.

Do a good job and do it well. Ask the owner if they would like you to come back in a few days and do them again

Well there are three suggestions and I will have more to come. Straight simple and to the point, no hype.

Source by Wes Wright

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