Home Business – Small Investment, Large Returns

There are many reasons why someone would choose to start a home based business as opposed to a brick and mortar. No need to find property, pay rent, increase expenses (phone, internet, utilities, etc). With the internet, it has become even easier to be home based. Depending on your business choice, you could have virtually no additional expenses. That being said, for this article, I will be focusing on the positive and negative aspects of being home based, based on my experience with being a home based business owner for the past 15 years.

Some of the positive aspects of being a home based business include:

-Choosing my hours. Although I put in way more hours than the average work day of 40 hours per week (trust me, you don’t want to know how many! ), I am able to decide when these hours occur. I am able to work around family schedules and commitments. This might mean working in the evening, early, early morning or on the weekends, but it is worth it to have this flexibility. This is by far the number one reason I decided to start a home based business.

-Although I do get up and get dressed as though I will be leaving the house to go to work, I have heard from self-employed home based workers who like the freedom of working in their pajamas or sweat pants if they choose

-There are so many niceties to working from home-not having to bundle up, clean off the car and shovel before going to work on snowy days, staying warm and dry on rainy days, throwing in loads of laundry and keeping up on housework throughout the day, being able to have a nice home cooked lunch, sitting outside on the patio to do paperwork, going for a walk around the neighborhood to clear your mind, even taking a dip in the swimming pool on those hot days.

However, some of these positives can also affect you negatively:

-Because you’re in a home environment, friends and family don’t always understand that you’re working, and might drop by, unannounced, to visit. They do not understand the time and energy necessary to create and sustain a successful business and that even if you are not directly dealing with sales, there are many, many other things that must be done in order to succeed.

-the niceties listed above can become distractions or diversions. Yes it is great to be able to keep up on laundry or have a home cooked meal, but there are times that the laundry must be left to pile up and a sandwich or granola bar are on the lunch menu so that the important day to day business tasks can be accomplished in a timely manner.

-time management, also known as discipline is especially important for the home based entrepreneur. If you don’t carefully manage your time, you may find that the entire day has slipped away and you have scarcely managed to accomplish a thing. This can be avoided by making lists or schedules for yourself. Make a list of the “must do’s” and complete them before taking a break. Then start on the “need to do soon” lists and so on and so forth. With a little discipline, you will be soon be a successful, and organized home business owner.

Source by Cherylann Stachow

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