How to Make Money From Home Forum

Forums are a great place to make money from home if you know how to strategically use them to drive traffic to your websites, blogs or affiliate promotions.

First let’s talk about what a forum is and then we will go into how to make money from home with forums. So a forum is a membership website that individuals are able to join for free. There are forums for almost any marketing niche that you would like to get involved in. Forums are packed with other individuals that have the same interests as you, and these people are able to network, market and share ideas on a vast number of topics. Being that forums are free there are usually thousands of members, these members are all your target and are already pre-sold to the niche you are marketing to, so half battle is done for you already. Now all you have to do is entice those individuals to check out your website. Here is the top 3 ways to use forums to make money from home:

1. Participate in the forums by posting relevant, valuable content. Many people post messages in different threads. Threads are merely different topics in the niche of the site. You should post messages everyday day in different threads. For best results post a minimum of 10 messages a day in relevant threads. Correspond with people and network. When people ask questions, try to be the person that gives the best, simple solution to fix their problem. Providing good solutions will attract people to you thus, attracting them to your business.

2. Create a signature file. All forums allow you to create a signature file which you can incorporate a link to or a website. For best results, lead your prospects to a free offer first. This gets them to opt-in to your marketing campaign and heightens the opportunity to purchase your product or service.

3. Purchase one-time solo ads. Most forums allow marketers to pay a one-time fee to send an email out to all or a number of the members in the forum. This is very powerful and with the right offer, you can start generating a number of sales. Again, I suggest that you offer a free report or video, to encourage people to opt-in to your list and wet their appetite for more to come. These solo ads or emails are generally very cheap too.

Making money with forums from home is a very effective skill that can generate a ton of traffic for your websites. The best part is that forums are completely free. Be consistent with forums and you will definitely reap the benefits. You can find any forum for your niche by going to Google and searching for the niche in which you are interested in. Take action daily!

Source by Jon McNeil

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