How to Make Money Online – Email Marketing

If you want to be successful at making money online then you have to do Email Marketing. Email marketing is achieved by having a list of responsive customers. You obtain these customers either by a customer clicking on to your website and entering their email details or by going into a Joint Venture agreement with another affiliate and using some of their email list.

To do email marketing you have to sign up with an ‘Auto Responder’ Service. This is an automatic email service that you will pay a monthly for the use of. These auto responder services are linked to affiliates squeeze pages and they capture the email details of the customer and immediately then send out an email to the customer asking them to subscribe to your email service. You are not allowed to email to anyone without permission as this is Spam Email.

The affiliate’s Auto Responder service will provide a user id to log on to the Auto Responder service, after they log on the affiliates are able to build up campaign lists of customers. So, if they have 6 campaigns going, they will have 6 lists with the Auto Responder. Within each list the affiliate will then build up a series of emails that can be sent onto the customer at varying times.

Every series of emails will begin with subscriber email. These are normally in a default format and they basically as previously stated ask permission from the customer to allow emails to continue. If the customer ignores this email. The affiliate has an unsubscribed customer and any attempt to contact that person would be seen as Spam. If the customer clicks on the subscribe link then the affiliate is able to email offers etc to the customer.

The email campaigns take many forms but it usually starts immediately the customer has subscribed, whereby the affiliate will send out there first offer of sale. They will almost certainly follow this up within 3 days with the same offer. All of the timings of these emails can be set within the auto responder and every time you get a new customer the whole series of emails will begin.

There are many ways to set up your campaigns but some of the more experienced affiliate marketers tend to not be so quick to get to the customer. Their campaigns will start with a series of emails, containing articles, videos and free gifts. They try to build a relationship with the customer and provide lots of free information but they do like to let the customer know that what they are getting is of value. For instance you see many adverts like ‘Get my free gift worth $37 by clicking on this link’. This gets the customer thinking, this guy is not a bad, he is giving valuable information away for free. This builds up trust and then a few days later in goes the email with an affiliate offer on it.

With this approach you can build up a series of emails that get continue for years to come and hopefully get lots of sales from the process.

Source by Michael J Hawkes

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