How to Make Money OnLine – Quickly!

This is a straight-to-the-point article that outlines a simple strategy for making money online. Anyone can do it if you just follow these simple steps.

There are very many ways you can make money on the internet but when you boil it down, there are a few basic methods that really work. This strategy can get you rolling very quickly – by Selling Digital Products on eBay!

All you need to do to get selling on eBay is 4 Simple things …

1. Sign-up at eBay to become a seller – you just need a valid credit/debit card and bank account.

2. Create a Paypal account. It’s easy and it allows you to accept electronic payments and even – now get this – allows people to download files automatically after making payment!

3. You need somewhere to host (store) files.

4. Something DIGITAL to Sell!

Now that doesn’t sound hard does it? And it’s not!

Steps 1 and 2 are easy and also – free. Just visit the websites and sign-up -easy!

Step 3 is slightly more complex – but not too difficult. You just need somewhere online to host (store) files for you. There are several places that do this for free; you can also pay for hosting. This site offers a free service …

OK now for Step 4 – you need something DIGITAL to sell. Why digital? Because you can sell it over and over again for 100% profit.

Now there are very many places online where you can just purchase Resale Rights to digital products. Once you have them, you are away. Just make your listing on eBay as attractive as possible. Use a graphic or photo to catch the eye; write a good headline that piques curiosity; and offer your digital goods at a very competitive price and you cannot fail.

Once you have an eBay ad that works well, you can list it time after time and literally create your own money-tree. People will buy your product and download your files on completion of their purchase – all automatically – and you get paid straight into your Paypal account – lovely!

To setup your automatic download facility, just go to your Paypal account. Click the “Merchant Services” tab. Then click on the “Buy Now Buttons”.

All you need to find is something DIGITAL that you have the rights to sell – and you are on your way to becoming a software mogul. Just like Bill Gates eh?

Source by Will Edwards

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