How to Start Making Money Online – Do You Know How to Start?

If you’ve been thinking about making money online but don’t know how to start, you’ve come to the right place. This article will give you some basic knowledge.

The main benefit of making money online is the fact that you can do it anywhere in the world as long as you have a computer and internet connection. There are many people in what we call “the third world countries” making money online right now with nothing more than an old computer and dial up internet. There are also many people from America who are sitting on the balcony of their apartments in Hawaii using the internet to make money and live the American dream and lifestyle.

So why not you?

Basically, to make money online you need to have the following three things.

1. A website or blog

2. An Autoresponder

3. Traffic

You don’t need to be a programmer to build a website or blog nowadays. Many website builder software are available and they are very easy to use; if you know how to use Microsoft Word, you know how to use the software. Creating a blog such as WordPress or Blogger is also very easy. For a beginner, perhaps some learning curve is required for creating a WordPress blog but not difficult at all.

We suggest that you focus on building website or blog that reviews products. Depending on your interest or knowledge, you can choose what kind of products you want to review. For example, you could review products such as dog foods, wine, loans, skin care, stress management, weight loss, etc.

It’s important that you choose something that you have the knowledge or interest in it. Because you need to create/write content for your website or blog. Many experienced marketers outsource this part; but if you’re just starting out, we suggest that you create your own content initially. Not only that it’s more cost effective but you can also learn how to write good and SEO optimized content along the way.

Next, you need to write a short report (about 10 pages) that is related to your topic. This report is used as a giveaway. You offer this report to all your visitors for free in exchange for their names and email addresses. Therefore, an autoresponder is needed to automate this process and follow up with your potential buyers.

Next comes the more interesting part and most important as well; it’s known as TRAFFIC. You need to drive traffic to your website or blog, the more the merrier. Driving traffic to your website or blog is perhaps the hardest part in making money online. There are myriad ways you can use to generate traffic but as a start we suggest you focus only on Article Marketing.

Traffic generation using article marketing is very powerful and effective; and the best part is that it’s free. However, you need to sit down and spend time writing your article. We suggest that you write 400-500 words articles that are related to your topic and submit to only. It’s the best and high-traffic site.

Further on, if you have the time, you should write another version of the same article and submit to Squidoo, Zimbio and Hubpages. These are all high-traffic sites as well.

As a general guideline (based on my personal experience), submit 1-2 articles every day for the next 10 days. After that, you can continue to submit 1-2 articles per week. If you do this consistently, you have some good traffic to your site or blog.

This article only gives you some basic knowledge on how to make money online in a nutshell. If you want detailed information, check out our site Home Business RoadMap for some great resources that will guide how to make money online step by step.

Source by Leon Lioe

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