How to Work From Home With No Upfront Cost – Start Now!

Working from home with no upfront cost? Is it really possible? Yes! and I’m talking about using the internet here, so pretty much it is free, you just need to know where and what to look for. There are so many ways you can work at the comfort of your own home but we are going to concentrate on leveraging the power of the internet to make money.

What we will be doing is affiliate marketing, or promoting other people’s products. I am not talking about physical products but electronic or downloadable products like e-books, audio, video, or subscription services. The advantages of these products are as follows:

-no startup cost

-no shipping cost (since it is downloadable, and the transaction can be done with just the computer with internet connection)

-no direct contact with the customer or merchant

work from home! (unless you don’t have a computer!)

Now where do you find products to promote? The answer is

You just need to sign up as an affiliate to and start choosing the products or services that you want to promote.

Let’s assume you found a product you like, for example a product about “bringing your ex-back”. What you need to do is make a review about the product you are selling. I would encourage you to buy the product that you are about to review because it helps you make a better analysis by trying out the product itself, but for now it is not necessary since you are just starting out. What you should do is make an honest opinion about the product, and back it up with testimonials from other people that have experienced using the product or service.

You now need a website or a blog to promote that product. Let me remind you that we are still concentrating on not paying anything, you can probably make a website of your own but its going to cost you hosting fees and we don’t want that for now.

Sign up to This is the free substitute to a website! It is free to sign up here, and this is where you would make your review about the product. Once you have done your review, make sure you put your hoplink on your review page so that you get credited for the sale, if somebody clicks that link and buys the product; you earn the commission which is paid by

The hard part is driving traffic to your review page where your hoplink is.

Traffic= Money. The more people you send to your review page, the higher the chance that you make a sale, it’s that simple.

Lastly, you need to sign up to

(Wait a minute here, I’ve promoted 3 websites now they should be giving me commissions here! Hehe)

What you will do in EzineArticles is, of course, write articles! Yes I want you to be a writer, the key here in writing articles is knowing your audience and just write like you are talking to them directly. What are their pain, problems, or predicament? Try to think like them, once you know what they want, offer them the solution, which is the product that you are promoting!

The only set back here is that you can’t put your affiliate link or hoplink in your article. What you can do is link it to your review page and your review page should link to your merchant’s page in order to make a sale.

Here’s how it should be linked:

Articles—-linking to–>> Review Page—-linking to–>>sale’s page

That’s basically how you can work from home without any upfront cost. All those websites that I have mentioned are free for you to sign up. You just need a mindset of a doer for this to work! Good Luck!

Source by Mikael Kayn

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