Kindle Secrets – How to Make Money With Kindle

If you are an honest-to-goodness fiction or non-fiction author, you can make money with Kindle. Amazon reported that in the month of December 2011 alone, more than 1,000,000 Kindles were selling each week. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. Anyone that owns a computer, Mac or PC, a tablet, a smartphone or some other electronic device capable of attaching to the Internet, can order e-books from Amazon without having a Kindle.

Kindle Publishing

Publishing on Kindle is open to most anyone, as long as you follow the rules. To make money with Kindle, you’ve got to know your market, price your books within their range and market your books. None of that is hard, but it takes some research and some dedicated work on your part.

Follow the Rules

Kindle does not allow affiliate links in books. If you put these links in your books, your books will be pulled. Now many people think that they can just put “crap” up on Kindle and sell it. While you may sell a few crappy items, pretty soon that will not work. The reason? People aren’t stupid. They don’t want to be “sold” to — if you give your readership what it wants, you will never lose. Provide honest solutions to their problems through a self-help or how-to book, or find a way to entertain them with your fiction. This is a legitimate business endeavor and must be treated as such.


Provide quality books to your readers. Documents rife with errors will turn off your readers. The whole point of providing people things to read, is to provide them with quality workmanship, valuable information – if you’re providing them a self-help or how-to kind of book. Give them great entertainment if you are writing fiction.

Book Ideas

Stick with contemporary ideas or go onto to Amazon and look what’s selling in the Kindle market. Visit the websites of the authors who seem to be making a lot of sales and follow their leads. Do they publish weekly to their website? Do they have an email list? Review their websites and note what you like and don’t like.

Carve Out Your Niche

It’s important to carve out your special niche. Don’t trying writing across a broad spectrum. Stick to a specific category and you’ll do well. Avoid trying to be all things to all people, find your “tribe,” your “market,” and go for it. Develop a profile of your average customers and write articles to address their concerns and place them on websites like these. While you can’t link back to your Amazon page, you can link to your website where you sell your book. Take the time to analyze your market and this will make a difference in the long run. If you follow through, you can make money with Kindle.

Source by Laurie Brenner

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