Legit Work At Home Business – Ten Examples of Legitimate Work From Home Businesses

Most people who are headed off to work each day and coming home to deal with their families have really no exposure to the muddy world of wondering about a legit work at home business. But more and more, as the employment picture continues to be questionable, people are looking into the possibility of working at home. The idea of working from home means different things to different people, it is a good idea to sit down and take a look at what kind of working are we talking about?

First there are the traditional work from home jobs where people keep offices in their home, like accountants and insurance agents. It is common to find independent small businesses from the home.

Second is the actual contractors, like roofers, septic, carpenters, lawn care etc all who run the business from their homes. They don’t need a huge office most of the work is done at your home.

Third you cannot ignore the farmers, you can’t get more work at home than that.

Fourth you would have the child care, babysitters who run day care centers from their homes.

Fifth would be the independent home party contractor, Tupperware,Pampered Chef, Vitamins, Make-up, jewelery and all sorts of things are part of a work at home community,

These all are groups who have always worked at home and been around a long time. Lets look at other types of legit work at home business you may or may not have heard of.

Sixth would be the telecommuter, they usually are people who stay at home some days, or for part of days and work out of a home office. This has become more popular in the last ten years, but only works for certain businesses.

Seventh is medical transcription, a legit work at home business where people take the doctor’s dictated notes and transcribe them into readable notes.

Eighth would be Virtual Call Centers. The large majority of 800 numbers you find on credit card bills, travel sites, websites and such are handled by people sitting at home, with a headset on and taking care of your calls. This has become more popular since the mid 90’s.

Ninth would be an internet based job where you are clicking online to make money. You click on an email, on a survey link, fill out forms to get free trials and you earn some money. Collectively between quite a few of these things you could bring in some money.

Tenth is the most popular online business, called affiliate marketing where every day people partner up with others who are selling something, a real product or a digital download and get a commission for everyone who goes to the website and buys something.

With these last five, you must be careful with and do your research and make sure you are dealing with a legit work at home business opportunity. There are few filters online and the good, the bad and the ugly are mixed in together. But once you find one that is the real deal, you might be able to end up working at home.

Source by Sue Fegan

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