Make Money Online For Free – How to Start

When you Google how to make money online you get over 200 MILLION webpage results, to say the least that could be slightly overwhelming to someone who is just starting their online entrepreneurship journey. It also begs the question – How do I start? I am not going to sit here and try to fool you into thinking that there is any one way that is the correct way or guaranteed to make you money online. What I am going to share are free methods for getting a online business off the ground, making money and then allow you the business owner to make the decision on whether or not you want to take the money and run or re-invest and increase your future income.


Affiliate marketing allows you to work as a well-compensated middleman connecting online buyers with online products. Each time a buyer accesses the sale through one of your marketing methods you get the commission off the sale, this can be as high as 70% on some products. Utilizing online wholesalers like ClickBank can allow you to find products that you want to market and then you can be on your way with one of the marketing methods below.


Article Marketing – Exactly what you are reading. Write a review of the product that you are trying to sell, or write an article about a competitor and offer your product as a better alternative.


Forum Posting – Join forums related to the products that you are trying to sell, most forums allow you to link through your signature line back to your product. Build up trust in the group and increase the click-through to your product.


Blogging – Start a free blog and generate original content about the product or service that you are trying to market. Get your blog indexed by the major search engines, they love original content so post often.


Free Online Classifieds – Find these through Google and get your product out there and being advertised for free.


There are many other ways to get started making money, but Affiliate Marketing has proven to have some of the best results with the quickest return. Once you have started to turn some profit, it will be up to you as to if you re-invest and potentially increase your profits with some of the pay systems that are out there or if you wish to continue completely free and take all of your revenue as profit.

Source by Chris Bartelt

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