"Make Money Online" Using Blogs For Free

Learning how to make money online isn’t always as easy as some might think. In reality if you’re going to make money online than you’re going to have to put some hard work into it at least for the first couple of months. Then you can expect to begin to make money online.

First things first you need a website. The cheapest way to get a website up and running is actually setting up a blog. Blogs seem to be one of the biggest things right now on the internet and are a great way to make money online.

The best blog site to sign up with would be Blogger.com. You can register for free and Blogger offers many tools and applications for making your site attractive and stylish. Most of all blogger is owned by Google so you know right there if you want to make money online with a blog than go with Blogger.com.

Making and using blogs is the key for you in order to make money online. After you go and register with Blogger you than need to decide what your niche is going to be and what you’re going to write about. For example in this article here I’m writing about how to make money online. This article could also be about Blogger since I mentioned them quite a bit as well.

A key on how to make money online is to find your niche and write about it everyday in your blog. In the beginning you should try to right several articles a day with a minimum of three. It’s a lot of work but remember that you’re trying to get your site to the first page of whatever your niche is about so you’re going to have to put in the time.

Putting your keywords in your article like for example make money online is crucial to having Google rank your page well. In this article I’m using the phrase make money online repeatedly. This is what you need to do in order to get Google to like your page.

Where should you put your keywords. Well you definitely want your keywords in your title. So here in my title I need to make sure that I put make money online in the title. I also should try to get the keywords within the first three to four words in the title. You then want to have a sub title and put your make money online keywords in there at least twice.

Then you want to have your body with your keyword mentioned several times and maybe even a couple of times in bold. And then last put your make money online keyword or whatever your real keyword will be in your last sentence. As A hole you want to have as much as 5% of your article or blog mentioning your keyword.

Well if you’ve read this hole article on how to make money online than you now know at least one more thing that will help you in figuring out how to make money online. To find out more information on how to make money online feel free to check out my blogs by clicking on one of the links below. They will show you more ways that you can make money online for free and you can’t beat free.

Source by Tom Culbertson

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