Make Money With A Camera

Learn how to make money with your camera, it’s easier than you could ever imagine.

Earn over $1,200 per month with your digital camera just by following the simple steps in this article!

Imagine… You are with your family, having a good time and you decide you want to capture those “special” moments.

So, what do you do? Take out your camera and merrily snap away.

Now, the great thing about a digital camera, as opposed to a conventional camera with film, is that you can keep the pictures that you like and just delete the rest, right?

Well how about, you keep the ones you want and make money from the ones you don’t? Does that sound too good to be true? Well it’s for real!

There are companies in the www. world, who will pay small fortunes for the right picture, and quite often, what seems like a poor or irrelevant picture to you, someone else will pay handsomely for.

Bare in mind however, that the quality of the picture has to be good and your camera must be at least 2 mega pixel.

There is an endless demand for pictures, the key is to know what type of pictures people are looking for and who to sell them to…

At present, they are looking for:

  • Groups of teenagers enjoying themselves
  • Iconic landmarks
  • Winter snow scenes and scenes of all seasons
  • Board rooms and business meetings
  • And lots more.

They Do Not want:

  • Your cute little puppy, they are swamped with them
  • Your cute baby, they are just as swamped with those
  • A lovely sunset (unless there is an interesting subject in the foreground) they have more sunsets than you could shake a stick at!

But they definitely do want pictures which are fun, lively and spontaneous. Be Creative!

There are pictures that are making in excess of $300 per month for their owners and if one picture can earn $300 per month, just imagine how much you could earn if you were to go out of your way to take pictures every time you go anywhere!

With just half a dozen pictures you could be earning $1,800 a month.

All of a sudden, making money with your camera seems easier than you imagined, right?

And what’s more, it costs absolutely nothing to start! Upload your pictures, submit them completely free of charge, and then get paid for it, no risk!!

Now I’m not suggesting that every picture you take will sell and I’m not suggesting that every picture you sell is going to be worth this amount but, keep snapping, keep uploading, keep submitting and before too long you will have a good number of pictures paying you a residual income, month after month!

Now, go take a look at your hard drive, your digital camera, your memory sticks and even your camera phone for those unwanted photos; they could be making you money right now!

What are you waiting for??

Source by Colin Lott

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