Make Money With Animals – This Article Shows You 15 Ways

Working with animals can be a great way to make a small side income. In some cases, you can even make enough to give up your day job. So if you are an animal lover, and are looking to make a bit of extra cash on the side, then consider the following 15 tips!

Tip 1: Offer to walk people’s dogs: If you are looking to create a little side income you can offer your services as a dog walker.

Tip 2: Dog sitter: If people are going on holiday offer to look after their dog.

Tip 3: Cat sitter: One of our friends has set up cat cages (including running areas) to look after cats when people are on holidays. It makes a nice little side income, and they get to enjoy the company of other cats.

Tip 4: Wash and clip animals: Offer your services as an animal groomer and you will make a small little side income. Remember…word of mouth is the best form of advertisement.

Tip 5: Become a pet chauffeur: A lot of pet owners, especially the elderly, find it difficult to take their animals to the vet. You can help them out, and earn a few extra dollars on the side by offering this service.

Tip 6: Become a yard cleaner: A lot of pet owners don’t like picking up their pets mess. If you offer to pick up the pets mess, you can stand to make quite a bit of money. Once you get going you can set up regular times and schedules.

Tip 7: Check your pet into a model agency: You never know your dog or cat (or other pet for that matter) could be the next big thing on the big screen, or at least in a supermarket catalogue. You won’t know if you don’t try!

Tip 8: Aquarium cleaning: People love fish but not the hassle of cleaning their fish tank. This is where you come in. With a small amount of equipment (tank vacuum and some clean sponges you can quite easily clean a fish tank. You can even take this to the next level by testing water and the like.

Tip 9: Breed rabbits or Guinea Pigs: There is still some money to be made in breeding rabbits and guinea pigs. Do your research and ascertain what breeds are popular and suited to your local area.

Tip 10: Breed mice: This one is not for the faint hearted. There are many people that buy mice; unfortunately they are generally used as food for snakes or other animals. So if you can handle this thought then find some suitable prospects and let your mice do the rest.

Tip 11: Breed fish: This takes a bit more to set up, but can definitely be financially rewarding. Choosing fish with a higher retail value, as well as those that are quite hardy and can handle a variety of water environments, is generally a better bet.

Tip 12: Make bird seed bars: These are relatively easy to make (check out the Internet for some ideas) and can be sold at markets.

Tip 13: Invest in pet stocks: Pet stocks generally do pretty well. If you see a company out there that is constantly supplying good products and that is always in demand, then see if you can invest in it.

Tip 14: Milk animals: Yes this is completely outside of the box, but some people out there make very good livings by milking spider venom (one person has a basement full of 5000 safely enclosed spiders, and with the aid of carbon dioxide (to knock out the spider for a bit), milks the venom and then sells it to pharmacy labs. Definitely not for everyone!

Tip 15: Write an animal blog: If you are a knowledgeable person on a particular animal topic, then set up a blog for free, write about specific topics and put Google AdSense on the site.

Source by Rusty O’Connor

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