Reliable Work At Home Business

Many people wish they could escape the 9-5 drudgery of a job and work at home. The internet gives rise to many work at home business opportunities but which ones are real or work from home scams?

Finding a reliable work at home business can be tricky and the online world is a minefield but with these following steps you can shorten the odds in you favour.

A Reliable Company

New companies burst onto the market every hour. Many have promises to give you fame and fortune but so many new companies unfortunately don’t deliver. On e of the biggest problems with a start up is having the ability to fund the operation while cash flow comes in. Under funded companies struggle and at best remain on the ground floor but unfortunately many go out of business. Over 80% of new start ups go broke within their first 2 years leaving many investors out of pocket.

Longevity is therefore a key parameter in assessing a company as being a reliable work at home business. Look for companies with at least 5 years successful trading history under their belt before you decide to partner up with them.

A Reliable Product

What makes a reliable product? Put simply, one that works. A product that does what it says it will do. The company offering the product should also have some sort of service guarantee or warranty attached so that if that there are any problems with the product, then at the very least it should be replaced or the customer given a full refund.

Successful companies generally have terrific customer support and are quick to handle any issues arising from their products or service.

Products that are preferably bought regularly are the best to be involved with if you are looking for a long term reliable work at home business. While you may make a big commission in selling a model helicopter to an enthusiast, generally they’ll only buy one product from you. You may get some repeat business from such a customer but it won’t be for a long time.

Consumable products are usually the best for work from home businesses. People consume the product and re-order again next month because they need it. Look for items you consume regularly like laundry, medicinal, health, bath or beauty products.

A Reliable Management Team

Who’s running the company you are about to partner? Do they have a successful track record in running companies? What skills do they bring to the table?

As well as solid leadership, you should look for management expertise that has successfully grown businesses in the past. What experience do they have in dealing with distribution channels? Do they have experience in operating in foreign markets; often an important ingredient for a company looking to improve it’s profits.

Once again the internet is wealth of knowledge and you can quickly get a picture of a company’s management by looking at Google and checking out individuals on the executive team. A little research now can save you a lot of pain later.

A Reliable Income Payment Plan

One of the key reasons most people want to start a work at home business is to earn extra income. So it’s important to understand how you will be paid and under what conditions you’ll earn an income. Are there any minimal requirements you have to meet in order to earn a commission?

How often do you get paid? Is it weekly, fortnightly or monthly? This is where is so important to have done your homework on the previous points because a sure sign that a company is in trouble is when there a commission payment issues or irregularities.

If you follow these simple steps you’ll have a much better chance of partnering with a reliable work at home business and staying in business longer.

Source by Greg N Reed

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