The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Home Business

We are aware that the internet is a treasure trove for home businesses, provided you learn how to tap it for best use. At the same time, some statisticians inform us that 95% of home businesses are failures, which too is very serious. Then many people chuck their jobs to start businesses of their own and work from home. However, before you take such an important step in life, consider the advantages and disadvantages of working from home; not necessarily an internet based business, but any business.

The Disadvantages: The first loss you feel after saying goodbye to outside employment is the utter loneliness. You miss the jokes you shared with colleagues while working and how you shared your problems and successes with friends. The meetings, discussions and planning sessions to formulate strategies to pull the wagon as a team are over for you. The pride you felt when your colleagues admired your skills and bosses complemented on your performances are only memories. End of every year it was such a relief to get that bonus check, without which you could never have been able to buy all the things your kids wanted and entertain your friends and relations so lavishly. When you wanted to buy new furniture and the latest large screen TV or to give a complete new look to your pantry with sophisticated equipment, you found the money in just two days through an office loan. You had a handsome Car Allowance. For all illnesses of any family member, you entered the most expensive hospitals and got all types of tests done, for which the office medical scheme paid. When you start working from home, you will have to sweat and save for all these contingencies. No lending agencies will grant you loans until you can prove that you have sufficient income to settle them. You will find separating personal work from official work a difficult task, and your work efficiency will suffer. You will have to work very hard during initial stages until you build up the business and your savings too will have to last that long until you earn enough. You alone have to bear all responsibilities.

The Advantages: You need not spend many hours a day travelling and sitting in traffic jams to get to office and back. You will not have to look the other side when your son pleads with you to come to watch him playing for his school team or when your daughter asks whether you could take her for swimming lessons and back every Wednesday. Now you have more time in your hands and the liberty to manage it as you want without any permission from a boss. You can work flexible hours and contribute more for family welfare and happiness. You enjoy full freedom as never before. Whatever you earn will be for you and your family and not for outsiders who give you back only a small fraction of what you earn for them. Hereafter nobody else will get the credit for your efforts; and nobody can make you the scapegoat for their follies. Now you can work selectively by doing only what you like and enjoy doing; and outsourcing the balance. Tap the internet and earn fabulous income; Join affiliate marketing programs, blog, write e-books and articles.

Although all the disadvantages or the advantages stated above may not be applicable in your case, consider very carefully what are relevant to you including any others not stated above, but specific to you; before taking the final plunge.

Source by Roderick Eash

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