Work From Home A – Z

Whether you currently work from home, or a considering the possibility of starting a home business, here is my A-Z list of things to consider. The items I have listed are both positive and negative things that you will probably want to consider. So without further ado, here is my list:

A – Attitude: A positive attitude will help when things may not go as planned.

B – Bank: You will need to choose a good bank with which to work.

C – Can Do: Don’t let others tell you that you it’s impossible to “work from home“.

D – Debt: Debt is a form a slavery. Stay away from it as much as possible.

E – Effort: Making a home business a success will take a lot of effort – are you up to it?

F – Family: This is a home business – get your immediate family involved.

G – Goals: Set short, medium and long term goals.

H – Health: Your health may determine what type of business you should start.

I – Insurance: What type and, how much coverage will you need?

J – Job: (Just Over Broke!) Is that where you are at now?

K – Knowledge: Learn all you can about the type of business you want to start.

L – License: Learn what your city, county, and/or state requires for a new business.

M – Money: It takes money to make money – there is no free ride.

N – No: Don’t take “No” personally. Move on to the next customer or prospect.

O – Organize: Don’t waste time looking for misplaced items – organize you office, emails etc.

P – People: Do you like to deal with people – this should go into your business decision.

Q – Quit: Don’t quit at the first sign of trouble. Persevere.

R – Rest: You can’t work 24/7. You’ll be more productive when you’re well rested.

S – Sprint: Short sprints are ok, but building a home business should be more like a marathon.

T – Taxes: There may be certain tax benefits from owning a home business.

U – Urgency: Learning to prioritize tasks that need your immediate attention.

V – Vision: Do you have a vision for your business? Write it down.

W – Work: Can you work without a boss looking over your shoulder? Be a self-starter.

X – Extra: Okay, I got a writer’s block on X. But it will take extra effort to build a business.

Y – Youth: Find a way to get your kids involved – pass the business on to them down the road.

Z – Zeal: Have zeal (enthusiasm) for the home business you choose.

There you have it – my A-Z listing of things to consider when working from home. This list should not be taken as the only things to consider either. Use it as a springboard to other questions and concerns that you can come up with.

The reason for this list is to get you thinking; don’t start a home business without planning and research. Know what you are getting involved with. Home business can be a wonderful thing, but to be honest, it is not for everyone.

2006 © Craig Binkley

Source by Craig Binkley

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