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More and more people are making their living from home, whether they draw a paycheck or run a business of their own.

Finding out and choosing which are the best ways to work from home are doubly important. First, this is your chance to choose to do something you know you love plus you can challenge yourself to blend that with choosing a related job that pays the most.

In this article I will show you how to research the web to find the best work from home jobs for you, not only in what you really like to do, but also to find out what the field is paying, who is paying the most and so on in your quest to work from home.

Here are the 3 steps to find the best work at home jobs for you. They are easy, they all use the internet and the end result will bowl you over.

  1. Finding The Best Work At Home Jobs: Pick a subject that really interests you, your perfect vision of work from home. Go to your search engine and do an optimized search. This is a search in quotes. If you love to golf, well, don’t just enter the word ‘golf’, but enter something like this “golf”. This will cut out a lot of the trash.
  2. Finding The Best Work At Home Jobs: Keep at it till you end up with a dozen or so golf ideas. Maybe it’s things like golf swing, golf pro, golf greens keeping, golf club repair and so on. Now, it is time to start drilling and we want to drill deep. Do the same thing again, but get more specific and put a plus (+) between the search words like this: “golf+opportunities+(name of your city, let’s say)+ forums”. Hit enter and see what comes up.
  3. Finding The Best Work At Home Jobs: You may have to try a few different approaches to get many results, but the results you get will be 24 karat. You might have to try different golf approaches if you live in Alaska, let’s say, but this will give you the idea.

The best thing about all this is that you will end up on forums. These are like those schools of fish you see on tv that hang around together because they have the same tastes and challenges. These people are doing what you are dreaming of. Get to know them and you have found yourself a gold mine. They will have all kinds of ideas and experiences to share, ideas about money, other opportunities and whatever.

The beauty of this is that it will will work for you whether you are interested in golf, fishing, quilting or women’s health issues. The sky is the limit and beyond (if your interest is astronomy!)

What you’ve just learned is the gold standard of internet searches. The quotes cut out a lot of the garbage. It will cut the results from maybe 2,000,000 (mostly trash) to 750,000 of a much higher quality result.

The plus symbol allows you to add very specific things you want and the symbol makes sure that the words are in the results. When you hit the forums, they are full of people who are laser focused on what you have been searching for. It doesn’t get better than that!

Source by Octavien J. Remillard

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