Working From Home Policy

Developing a working from home policy can help stream line your working environment and make it much easier for yourself, or your employees. Whether you are self-employed or if you work for a large company, when you work at home there are still things to consider. Working at home for either situation can be enjoyable, stress free and can sometimes get work done faster considering the lighter environment. It can however lead to less work done, as some people work on their own easier than others, while some of us are easily distracted by things going on in the home.

When you put together a work from home policy, be you the boss or self-employed, there are several things you want to consider. You want to make sure you have a working phone, where you can easily be reached by the boss or by clients and fellow co-workers. Communication is vital to the stability of a business, and everyone needs to be on the same page with everyone else. Customer communication is even more important, because if you cannot talk with them, you can easily lose your business. Have full lines of communication open, be it your phone, internet, fax or mail and be sure to respond swiftly to anything that may be coming in.

If you are a boss (or are self-employed) make sure you instill in your working from home policy when your employees should be available. Creating a set schedule of when they should be working will help set some boundaries and will also know when you can get a hold of them. A set schedule will also benefit them, and hopefully limit the number of distractions that are around when someone works from home. When you make a schedule to work, that is when you work and try to block out everything around you.

Make sure you set up a way that you and your employees can have teleconferences so you can have weekly meetings where everyone gets together to discuss the work that they will complete, and things that have been completed. When everyone on the company is on the same page, it makes working from home that much easier and more enjoyable for everyone else. With people all on the same page, and communication running high, you’re working from home policy will be more solidified and your employees under less stress simply because everyone knows what everybody else is doing.

Working at home can be advantageous for some companies yet disastrous for others, it all depends on what are right for you and your company, as well as what your employees are comfortable with. When you develop your work from home policy, make sure to keep yourself, them and your customers in mind and try to do what is best for your business. Keeping everyone happy often results in a higher morale, this can lead to a better business and thus more profit and happier customers for you and an overall better business for everyone.

Source by Charles T Calhoun

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